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They run the 60, and in a humble family home in the village of Sardina del Sur, a young and enterprising 24 year-old boy, known with the name of "Pepe Jesus", in a small shop of 70 m2, begins with sacrifice, tenacity, illusion and hard work, the no less and difficult task of creating a company at the service of the citizens of the area.

With the passing of the years, the know-how and paying greater attention to their customers, is consolidating itself as one of the best companies of the Canary Islands in the field of sale child furniture and Electrodomesticos.el on February 16, 1991, the entity takes the juridical personality, what is today known as furniture PEPE JESUS, S.L.

Since the entity continues consolidating and specialising in equipment and the decoration of the home in all the Canary Islands. It carries on the market more than 30 years, with an approximate area of 12,000 m2. With the passage of time and eager to serve their customers as main rule and the acceptance of our furniture for its design, quality and above all for their competitive prices, make it today, one of the leading companies in the furniture sector of the Canary Islands.

In its different branches share styles and environments, classic, functional and those designed to the tastes of their customers. Noting the growth of its staff of professionals in constant training to give the best service to its customers.

The company's success lies in the quality, price and design of all its products, as well as the immediate delivery free of charge to our customers.We offer to our clients: care and personal advice when making their purchases.     Renewal service with tailored solutions.    Payment facilities.     Home delivery free of charge and by qualified personnel.    Post-Venta.Muebles Pepe Jesus, S.L., is a company attached to the greater group of appliances, computing and telephony at the international level (ACADESA - EXPERT).  Currently the chain with the largest presence in Canarias.tambien takes part in various associations such as the Association of merchants and industrial of neighborhood (ASCOIVE).

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  • Dirección: Av. de Canarias, 317  Vecindario (Santa Lucia)
    Gran Canaria
  • Teléfono:  928-75-07-50
  • Fax: 928-15-66-78
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