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Our philosophy could be summed up to offer a modern and up-to-date, product with a high level of quality and the best price of the market. Furniture Pepe Jesus, S.L., located in your main idea, the cornerstone, in lathe which is structured a proven successful business model.
The concept of furniture Pepe Jesus, S.L., part of a specialization around decoration, furniture, mattresses, appliances, electronics and computer science, etc., offering a wide range of articles.
New contributions. However, together with the specialized nature of our furniture, the selection of products provides some accessories for home decoration.
Thanks to this complementarity of the company, we managed to increase the sale billed by customer, providing a superb service and incomparable treatment.
Tracking trends. Our purchasing department is responsible for always be aware of what are the latest trends that are emerging on the market and, according to them, reconfiguring an offer that fits the demand of our customers at all times.
Prices without competition. We cannot guarantee prices without competition. And all this, without having to give up a profit margin in line with the market, and a quality and a unique design

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  • Dirección: Av. de Canarias, 317  Vecindario (Santa Lucia)
    Gran Canaria
  • Teléfono:  928-75-07-50
  • Fax: 928-15-66-78
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